If you think 'I want to learn this myself' or it seems nice to have a cozy workshop with family / friends / colleagues, that all is possible. I have a nice space where the workshop will be given.
The workshop consists of filling a cake (which is previously been baked by me) and decorating the cake.
Click here for example pictures. 
The workshop lasts approximately 3 hours.

The workshops are at my house; the number of persons can be discussed between 4 and 12 people per workshop.
Smaller groups or private workshops are possible, but prices will differ a bit.
Workshops for larger groups, such as staff parties, can also be given on location.

For example, for making a cake (6-8 pieces): 28 euro per person.
Also possible: Workshop cupcakes from 17,50 euro per person (four cupcakes with fondant).
Workshop stacked cake (2 layers about 17 pieces) from 41 euros per person.
Workshop Barbie / princess cake: from 36 euros per person.
Workshop modelling (2 figures): from 15 euros per person.
Workshop handbag cake: from 30,50 euros per person.

A workshop includes:

* Welcome with coffee / tea and something sweet
* Cutting the already baked taart1
* Filling the taart1
* Coating and decorating the cake
* Wrapping up the cake
1: not at workshop cupcakes.

Workshops for children
Basic: In this workshop, there is lemonade for the kids with sweets.
Special: As an addition to the basic workshop there are chips and sweets during the workshop and something fun for the birthday boy/girl.
The selfmade cakes or cupcakes will of course be nicely wrapped to take home.
Workshop cupcakes (from 5 years) from 11 euro (basic) or 12,50 euro (special) per child (4 cupcakes with fondant).
Workshop cake (from 8 years) from 14 euro (basic) or 15,50 euro (special) per child
Workshop mini handbag cake (from 8 years) from 15,50 euro (basic) or 18 euro (special) per child
This workshop is given on the 'cake attic' at my house up to about 15 children.

You can sign up individually, but also with a group.

Would you also like to learn to make a beautiful (and tasty!) exclusive cake?
Or just want to be cozy busy with a group and have something nice to take home: sign up by email or phone.