On order I can make various cakes or cupcakes. This can be for special occasions like a birthday, birth, farewell, anniversary, wedding amongst others.

Because of my planning I like to recieve orders at least one week in advance.

A lot is possible so do not hestitate to inform or let me know your wishes.
For example a cake for 6 people but also a pile-cake for 60 people and all inbetween is possible.
Every cake can have its own filling to your own taste. Some examples:

  • standard fillings:
    • pastry cream with strawberry jam
    • buttercream with strawberry- or raspberry jam
    • white chocolate cream with lemon curd (citrus jelly) or other jam of your choice
    • bastogne cream with lemon curd
    • stroopwafel cream
    • chocolate chip cookie cream
    • whipped cream (with jam)
    • Swiss cream
    • and others

  • Special fillings (4,50 additional per cake)
    • strawberry Bavarian cream with strawberry jam
    • monchou with cherry pie filling (luxury filling)
    • fresh strawberries or raspberries combined with pastry cream or whipped cream
    • and others

Below are some global prices of some of the cakes, which can vary due to differences in decoration:

  • round cake for about 10 people, from 28 euro
  • round or square cake for about 16 people, from 38 euro
  • square cake for about 25 people, from 57 euro
  • 2 high pile round cake for about 25 people, from 53 euro
  • 3 high pile round cake for about 35 people, from 77 euro

For more information or orders, please contact me via email or phone.